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10 Ways From Sunday

by: HanaIndiana · 1st September, 2017

Break all the 10 commandments to grab God's attention! Seems crazy? Well it is! Humour, mischiefs, to-do lists: sin like no woman has sinned before!

46 Memory Lane

by: shamz · 3rd June, 2017

You come back to your city, only to find nothing in place of what you had: your wife, your house, gone... Are you dreaming? What kind of nightmare is this?

6 Day Assassin

by: Mr Colossal · 16th February, 2002

The life of an assassin is not an easy one... and often not a very long one. After receiving a phonecall from a distsressed friend and coworker, you find yourself in a compromising situation. In order to survive, you must rely on your minimal resources, keen sense of logic, and limited number of bullets. Meow, baaaaby!


by: Przemyslaw Gladkiewicz · 23rd November, 2017

Every day you wake up, every day missing a sense! What's this witchery? Solve it in 6 days!

A Christmas Tale

by: Screen 7

Ever wondered what would happen if Santa were to crash in a strange city, with dancing men and no Christmas spirit? Ever wondered how he'd figure out a sabotage? No neither did we.

A Curious Silence

by: vladeK · 26th November, 2017

Something strange is happening in a recently abandoned factory, you and your team are sent out to investigate what lurks inside...

A Place In The Sun

by: Tor Brandt · 16th December, 2016

Workaholic, dealing with another deadline, you need one last cup of coffee for making it through the night! And then finally your reward: a place in the sun!

A Short Nightmare

by: Gord10 · 14th November, 2016

You wake up in a stenchy bathroom, you are naked, you remember nothing. Bite size (5 minutes) horror game which will give you the creeps for sure.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition

by: Crystal Shard · 16th July, 2007

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games. It is a full-length game with an atmosphere of fairy tales, magic, and intrigue.

A Treat and Some Tricks

by: IHarvestBrains · 30th October, 2017

"Don't go trick-treating!", said your mum! But you disobeyed. And now strange stuff is happening around the house, help!


by: w-sin

Ali finds himself in a room.

AGS 180 Darts

by: Shade · 3rd March, 2006

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!

AGS Cycles

by: CaptainD · 10th November, 2017

Tron remake in Adventure Game Studio. Control your bike, close down on opponent, keep your nerves in check and win the battle!

AGS Yahtzee 2

by: Shade · 27th July, 2014

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!


by: fentonfilmgames · 3rd October, 2013

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!

Absent: Part I - Innocent Until Proven Guilty

by: fentonfilmgames · 19th September, 2010

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!

Ace King

by: Matsui Zappa · 5th August, 2016

Danny Charlton wants to be a poker star. The only problem is he doesn't have a clue how to play the game. Worse still, he hasn't got the heart to learn...

Ace Quest

by: MillsJROSS · 28th December, 2001

Join Ace Quest in a vulgar comedy. Filled with mirth and girth, as you protect our hero from being killed by Mr. X, a man bent on killing you because your fat is causing a flux in gravity pulling the earth towards the sun.

Adventure Game

by: Lollygobble

It involves a TV studio, a tropical island, a fat director in pink pants, homosexual cannibal soccor players, and something about pirates thown in to a mad mad coctail of puzzles all crammed into one clumsily drawn point and click adventure game.

Adventure Game

by: Thomas Voß

"Adventure Game" is the ultimative Adventure Game Parody.