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6 Day Assassin

by: Mr Colossal · 16th February, 2002

The life of an assassin is not an easy one... and often not a very long one. After receiving a phonecall from a distsressed friend and coworker, you find yourself in a compromising situation. In order to survive, you must rely on your minimal resources, keen sense of logic, and limited number of bullets. Meow, baaaaby!

A Christmas Tale

by: Screen 7

Ever wondered what would happen if Santa were to crash in a strange city, with dancing men and no Christmas spirit? Ever wondered how he'd figure out a sabotage? No neither did we.

Ace King

by: Matsui Zappa · 5th August, 2016

Danny Charlton wants to be a poker star. The only problem is he doesn't have a clue how to play the game. Worse still, he hasn't got the heart to learn...

Ace Quest

by: MillsJROSS · 28th December, 2001

Join Ace Quest in a vulgar comedy. Filled with mirth and girth, as you protect our hero from being killed by Mr. X, a man bent on killing you because your fat is causing a flux in gravity pulling the earth towards the sun.

Adventures of Max Fax 1

by: Alexander Kucherenko · 28th May, 2013

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!

Agent Bee

by: Jordan Kelsnick · 14th August, 2008

You are Agent Bee, a resourceful little bee in search of honey. The mission headquarter gives you your mission data. Follow the instructions, collect the honey and return safely to home. But be aware of the evil spider and Mr Frog.

Anton Ulvfot's Superdisk

by: Anton Ulvfot aka Vargtass · 19th June, 2002

Might just be the first two player game and so far the only real time two player game made with AGS.

Banana Racer

by: arj0n · 25th August, 2016

In this little retro arcade game you play as 3 monkeys, racing a banana boat against no one. Try to avoid passing boats and rafts and catch bananas to increase health. Try not to let the life-counter decrease to zero, or the monkeys will die a gruesome death!

Bert - The Newsreader

by: Anton Ulvfot aka Vargtass · 18th June, 2002

Bert has been a newsreader at ICU for a long time and this morning he gets out of bed to go to work as usual...

Blackudder: To doubloon or not to doubloon

by: Slasher · 10th June, 2016

Of course this is just the background setting for the story and it did not anticipate that one such person, namely Edmund Blackudder would become involved with the plundering of these sunken galleons.

With her majesty's birthday only 8 months away and Blackudder being skint, he needs a cunning plan that's cunning else he will get the 'chop'!

He overhears Sir Francis Drake blabbing on about plundering treasure from the Spanish galleons in the West Indies.

Blackudder decides to beat Drake to the West Indies and pinch some of the Spanish treasures for himself therby affording the Queen a birthday present and will assure him a place in her affections. He also hopes she will make him a Lord (he already presumes the title of Lord)....and above all: spare him the 'chop'!

Of course things do not start according to plan when Baldick (Blackudders' put-upon sidekick) tells Blackudder that his boat has been repossessed!

Follow Blackudders' exploits on the high seas with a twist...

Bluecup on the Run

by: jannar85 · 26th April, 2002

Bluecup seems ignored on IRC, and runs away. You control Chris Jones (the creator of AGS) through the game to find Bluecup and get her (but it's a he in this game) back.

Bob's Quest

by: Matt Brown · 30th December, 2002

The very first game by Matthew Brown (Stinkysoftware) and for some reason, has had a sudden surge in popularity. The game has that great, retro-n00b feeling that we all love to hate. Its about a chap named Robert (bob) who was on his way to marching band camp. Then His Bus breaks down. Then, later, his roommate is killed. Help Bob get to camp! Help Bob catch the killer! HELP BOB SAVE BANDKIND!!1!1!!


by: Chrille Blomqvist · 26th July, 2001

Tork is a perfectly normal guy, well, almost normal atleast. He loves to collect underwear.

Captain Muchly Drinks Bleach

by: Shawno's Computer · 4th February, 2002

This is a RLBAT fan game. My computer went insane and created this after I played it. It is crap.

Colour Clash

by: CaptainD · 23rd June, 2016

A simple puzzle game where you have to avoid repeated colours on the same line (vertically or horizontally). Gets a bit tricky on the bigger grids.

Columbus Lander

by: Ross Kevin Moffat · 2nd July, 2016

This game haven't got a blurb or description, please suggest one!

Earwig is ANGRY!

by: Shawn Guzzo · 20th April, 2002

Earwig has been locked up in a nut house for too long. He (along with a little friend) has decided that enough is enough. Time for some chaos! (Contains some, er, bad things. Kids, Earwig is not a role model!)

Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit

by: L&S and Projectoholic · 16th July, 2013

A girl meets a rabbit called Bunny in a forest. He kindly teaches her all sorts of interesting and important things. What does she learn from it all? Who does she become? It remains to be seen.

Ernie's Big Adventure

by: Dr. Eric Moreau · 18th June, 2002

Ernie has been abducted by aliens through his TV! He must now escape....YOU must help him escape!

Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage

by: Styop Quoons (MUFFINinc) · 22nd May, 2016

Frasier Crane is a wealthy and successful local radio celebrity. He has his own call-in psychiatry show, a posh penthouse apartment in Seattle, and a razor-sharp intellect. However, his father, Martin Crane, who lives with him, has recently been driving him up the wall. His dog, Eddie, constantly stares at him, his coarse, blue-collar demeanor clashes sharply with Frasier's high-brow sophistication, and, perhaps worse of all, is the ratty old chair he insists on keeping in the living room.

It's enough to drive a man...insane.